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relationship with the company and the consultant that is advising the state department i think is something the american people are not going to have any credibility in. and this pipeline is not going to deal with the occupation of russia in ukraine. this won't give us energy independence. this is all about exporting that canadian product out in the gulf out to the rest of the world. and whatever that ceo said, that a climate change bomb, an emissions bomb that is proportionally up larger than any other extraction. >> the conservative narrative right now is very desperate when they're tying to russia. congressman, good to have you with us. appreciate it. >>> coming up, the fight for public education is heating up across the country. the rapid response panel will join me to discuss how conservatives are using children as political pawns in the for-profit education industry. >>> but first, more than 2 million americans, the number is moving up, are now without unemployment insurance benefits. congressman clapper weighs in. [ female announcer ] from your first breath, to your first roll, pampe
are on the confrontation in ukraine. let's go to bob schieffer in washington for look what's ahead on "face the nation." good morning, bob. >> schieffer: good morning, charles, they should be. we'll talk this morning to both secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense chuck hagel. >> osgood: we'll be watching. and next week here on "sunday morning." all that jazz. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. lemme just get this out of here. to go. unlike some places, we don't just change your oil. our oil offer comes with a four-tire rotation and a 27-point inspection. and everything looked great. actually, could you leave those in? sure. want me to run him through the car wash for you, too? no, no, i can't. and right now get acdelco professional durastop brake pads installed for only $99.95 or less per axle. chevy certified service. >> osgood: we leave you this oscar sunday, where else, in california. at the tidal pools of laguna beach. here starfish are the stars of the s
on regimes in the middle east like russia that do not like the united states. when we are sitting on top of oil, natural gas and coal reserves more than any nation on the face of the earth, we should exploit our own natural resources not just for ukraine but the west -- the rest of western europe, poland, the czech republic, they are so dependent on russian oil and natural gas that if we could get that out, no longer could vladimir putin or his successor or any russian authoritarian regime use that energy as and extortions remove and lever against eastern europe. cheryl: we see the rebound in the market, it seems like it may be a little quick to be that relieved. >> there are a handful of things to look at when you have a large geopolitical event like this. is the market going back into one of these risk on risk of modes? in 2010-11 the euro crisis all assets were highly correlated. i don't think we are going to go there. any time we have this type of geopolitical event it makes you as large cap equities look very good so that is an interesting place to start. and third we have to unders
spends up to six hours a day. >>> russia, united states, this is not rocky four. >>> we begin this morning with breaking news out of ukraine. police have now surrounded a facility. the increased tensions come a day after russia started military drills along the ukrainian border. >>> north korea has fired four short-range miss ls. the u.s. and south korea are conducting military exercises right now. it's not clear if they were fired anywhere near the exercises. >>> passengers smelling smoke on a delta sky west flight just after landing from los angeles. >> the captain was able to bring the jet to the gate. authorities strangely could not find the source of the odor. >>> also, a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse to serve gays and others has been vetoed my arizona's governor jan brewer. even the super bowl host committee all publicly expressed concerns. here's what brewer had to say. >> i have not heard one example in arizona where business owners religious liberty has been vie litted. the bill is broadly worded and could result in unintended and negative conseque
released its global human rights report card for 2013. secretary of state john kerry said. is leading and human rights violations. he also talked about attacks against lgbt communities around the world in recent political conflicts in ukraine. >> before we start. >> good morning, everybody. morning --o allergies this morning. i am delighted to be here this morning for the second human rights report i have issued as secretary. particularly pleased to be here with our acting assistant secretary for human rights and who is performing these asponsibilities incapacity an interim assistant secretary but who has done a spectacular job and has led the department in a year-long process to track and make the assessments reflected here, so i think them for a job particularly well done on this year's human rights strugglehe fundamental for dignity, for decency in the treatment of human beings between each other and between is a drivingtizens force in all of human history, and from our own nation's this is a workw in progress. was written into our constitution before it was written out. we know th
: there has been so much discussion here about what exactly the u.s. position is on what's going on in ukraine. is there any update on that? >> reporter: yeah, the u.s., martha, has been walking a very fine line with this. today in kiev we saw deputy secretary of state william burns laid flowers and paid tribute in the makeshift memorials in independence square to those killed in recent unrest. at the same time secretary kerry said late yesterday the u.s. does not want this to become a replay the cold war, u.s. versus russia. he said and i quote, it is about the people of ukraine making a choice for the future. we hear the people of ukraine are making a few more choices. interim government today disbanding the special riot police thought to be responsible for some of the killing in recent violent clashes. later today we hear they will announce a new lineup for the new transitional government that has got to be put in place there. that can country is in economic dire straits as we've been reporting. figure is something like $35 billion in the hole. washington looking at helping to bail ukraine
in ukraine. according to the budapest agreement, russia has an obligation to respect the sovereignty of its neighbor and the west should stand united in holding president putin to that agreement. the united states, nato, and the e.u. should also work together to support the interim government in kiev by supporting free and fair elections, and members of congress are already discussing loan guarantees and additional sanctions against russia. but if there's one thing russia's military intervention into crimea also makes absolutely clear despite the the best hope of some, is this. the foundation of the international system is governed by force, capability and interest. let me say that again. the foundation of the international system is governed by force, capability, and interest. that's the reality we should be guided by in approaching this conflict, and it's a reality we should be guided by when it comes to american power more generally. as i've argued before, this president has eroded american credibility in the world. it starts with the arbitrary deadlines for military withdrawal and the
science monitor" breakfast in washington, d.c. topics range from a situation in ukraine parliamentary procedures in the senate. the republican lawmaker talked about the recent decision by workers at a car plant in his home state to vote down an effort to unionize. this is about one hour. >> okay, folks. here we go. i'm dave cook from the monitor. thanks for coming. yesterday senator bob corker ranking member from the senate foreign relations committee and influential member of the banking committee. this is his first visit with our breakfast group and we thank them for coming. senator corker i is a south carolina native who grew up in chattanooga and graduated from university of tennessee with a degree in industrial management. he starts his own construction company which grew rapidly in which he sold before turning 40. in 1994, our guest ran for the senate, finishing second in the republican primary to bill frist. later that year his name tennessee's commissioner of finance and administration. in 2001 he was elected mayor of chattanooga and in 2006 he was elected to the senate and wi
the rightful president and legal president of ukraine will hold this news conference in russia. we want to hear what he has to say. in the meantime, there are three european states that have frozen assets of him and his family accounts. we have lichtenstein friesen bank accounts at the request of the new government. in crimea, armed men have seized two airports in crimea. russia denies involvement. the ukrainian interior ministry says russians are are in control. the u.s. has appealed to russia not to intervene. we have regional parliament that has been taken over by forces. financially speaking, the country has started limiting dollar withdrawals, foreign currency withdrawals to maintain their pile of cash. here's the new cabinet. the new prime minister and the secretary on the left. that's improved the currency because if you don't worry about people sucking every dollar they can out of the system that will stabilize the situation. we are monitoring, waiting to see what yanukovych does and says when 'pears. as soon as he does, we'll bring it to you. >> thank you, michelle. >> thanks, michelle
. what are our options in the country? >> what we have in ukraine is a powerful, courageous and inspirational expression of the people's desire to become part of europe, to become part of a community of democracies. and the united states should stand -- the european union should stand firmly behind that information desire. the things we can do is, one, support the efforts under way to develop a national unity government over there, one that brings to the table expertise but is also a clear break from the past two decades of cronyism and corruption. that's what the ukrainian people are telling us they need. the second thing we can do is help with financing packages and help provide reform. a third element would be for the european union to clearly articulate a commitment to move forward when ukraine is ready with the agreement it is had on the table, association agreement and deep and comprehensive free trade agreement but th-- but finally the west has to signal a willingness to work with russia and clearly signal to russia that any effort to ukraine, if -- will proundly affe
an immediate test of combat readiness of troops in western russia. the state news agencies are quoting the defense ministers, saying president clinton ordered the test at 2:00 p.m. moscow time today. the report did not mention ukraine, one of russia's western neighbors, where months of protest have forced a pro-russia president to go into hiding. the president was not able to confirm the order and the defense ministry not available for comment. louisiana government bobby jindal is defending his harsh criticism of president obama saying, in america, we do not have a king. the republican was criticized by a democratic governor, molloy, on monday. after they emerged from others from a meeting with the president said the president seems to be waving the white flag of surrender on the economy. governor jindal in remarks earlier today says the white house in his words belongs to the people. he had a duty to speak his mind. is not at thea white house today. he is on the road traveling. minnesota focusing on the roads and railways. this fund is forecast to go broke as early as august enemies $
headlines. russian president vladimir putin spoke out this morning blaming a coup for the crisis in ukraine. meantime, president obama discussed the situation with his national security council last night. and secretary of state john kerry just arrived in that region this morning. >>> meantime, the president unveils his proposed budget for the next fiscal year today. highlights of the $4 trillion plan, more spending on education, job training and infrastructure. and new tax breaks for parents. >>> and it's fat tuesday down in new orleans. the floats and costumes are ready to roll for the annual party along bourbon street. >> cold one there, though, right, al? >> yeah. >> bundling up. covering up a little bit. >> well -- >> covering up some things. >> coming up, the mug shot that sparked an internet frenzy. why the woman in this photo is now suing. we're going to hear from her attorney. >>> and we've got two big stars here in studio 1a. a true legend in the house. jane fonda will be sitting down with matt for a live interview. hello, ms. fonda. nice to see you. >> al -- >> hello, ms. fonda.
pensula, which is part of the ukraine? secretary of state john kerry calls it an invasion and ukraine has mobilized its army now. it is our top issue this morning. president obama spoking with president putin of russia on saturday after warning there will be costs should russia intervene. i'm joined this morning by the secretary of state john kerry, and exclusively by republican senator marco rubio of florida, a key voice on the senate foreign relations committee. also, a big moment in politics. the culture wars in america as arizona's governor vetoes a controversial bill that opponents labeled as anti-gay. how do we as a country reconcile concerns over religious freedom and civil liberties? we will analyze how this could play out in this midterm election year. >>> plus no end in sight to california's an devastating drought. i will ask jerry brown about the effects. we want to begin with ukraine. the latest on the dramatic events in this crisis from nbc's bill neely in simferopol, the capital of the crimea. there's a real fear now that russia may try to annex the crimea. what's the latest
is happening with our neighbors and ukraine, folks are very deeply concerned. the crisis provoked by the state in kiev as a result of the takeover of extremists is continuing to get worse and is creating risks for the country. today in geneva our minister of foreign affairs spoke in detail about the situation in ukraine. we are convinced any internal crises must be overcome by a dialogue of forces in a constitutional way and with respect to international obligations and obligations on international humanitarian law, defending human rights and national minorities. it is important to avoid extremists who are trying to take the situation under their control who are using violence and open terror. it is well known who created the crisis in ukraine. disputing the legitimate actions of the legitimate authorities, some of our partners have taken a course to support antigovernment statements. they have encouraged their participants who have moved to aggressive actions of force in attacking the police, stealing from warehouses, and mocking officials in the region, and crude interventions. many towns in
,z/ >>> secretary of state john kerry heads to ukraine as the u.s. considers sanctions against russia while president vladimir putin calls off russian military exercises. >>> snow, ice and single-digit temperatures make travel a hazard along the mid-atlantic region. >>> and lebron james is nearly unstoppable as he scores the >>> and lebron james is nearly unstoppable as he scores the most points of his nba career. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 4th, 2014. >>> good morning, good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. well, as the ukrainian crisis deepens, a new chill has settled over u.s./russian relations. the president met with this national security council monday to consider u.s. responses short
worries about the ukrainian invasion. the united states is also offered ukraine's new government a $1 billion loan guarantee and technical assistance. >>> you should expect to see an increased police presence at montgomery college campuses today. >> this is after a second message threatening a mass aschool shooting was -- massive school shooting was found in a stair well. >> first message was discovered in the men's bathroom on the college's germantown campus january 30. >> delia goncalves is outside the rockville campus to find out what precautions the school officials are advising students to take. >> reporter: they're asking all students to be on alert and report any suspicious activity or person. the two graffiti messages raised certainly enough concern that police are now investigating but students are left wondering if these threats are real or simply a hoax. still no one is taking any chances. police are stepping up patrols. some students tell us they will actually avoid campus entirely today. >> i ended up just wanting to stay home. i convinced my mom to stay home with me. >>
in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry is in kiev right now. he is meeting with the new ukrainian leaders that deposed the pro-russian president. the trip is meant to send a message to russia that the u.s. supports ukrainian sovereignty. it coincides with a major u.s. aid announcement. angie goff has more. angie? >> big financial support behind ukraine. treasury secretary jack lew saying the white house is working to give a $1 billion loan package to the country. he adds that money is going to go towards economic reforms to get ukraine back on its feet. it will also help with planning elections. meanwhile also this morning, russian president vladimir putin warned that sanctions against his country would backfire on the west. he warned that russia is not trying to take over the crimea region in the ukraine. he ordered troops recently place there had to pull back. critical of ukraine's new leaders, putin says that the fwost that ousted president viktor yanukovcyh is a coup. he says right now military force is not necessary. this is the first time we've heard from putin since russian troops
down. >>> and a good evening to you on this friday night. the urgent six in ukraine, there are reports that russian president vladimir putin is moving his troops into that country, and putting the united states and the whole world on a kind of hair trigger. late today, president obama personally warned, if putin is, there will be costs. terry moran reports on the crisis in ukraine as tensions are rising at this hour. >> at dawn, bands of armed man appeared at the two main airports at crimea and seized control. they wore uniforms with no insignias or identification. their trucks had no license plates. and they spoke russian, not ukrainian. that was the start. convoys were seen along the roads. president obama spoke at the white house soon after the russian incursion. >> we are concerned about recent reports of military movement taken by russian inside the ukraine. >> reporter: in yuan crane, a country on the edge of civil war, a war that could drag in russia, europe and even the u.s., frightening developments. >> we are on the edge not of the new cold war, but we are on the edge of hot
, -- "military storm." meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry is headed to the ukraine and president obama is calling for russia to stop the invasion. it is a violation of ukraine'ssovereignty, territorial integrity. they are in violation of international law. dowhe crisis and the tumbling more than 150.71-timed today. the european union plans to discuss its response during -- more than 150 points at one time today. the european union will plan to discuss its response during a meeting. the trial of olympic runner oscar pistorius began today. the neighbor testified to hearing blood curdling screams and four gunshots the night that he killed his girlfriend. contradictsimony his story. he said that he thought he was shooting an intruder. >> work is now underway in kentucky to remove the eight corvettes swallowed up by a massive sinkhole. you might recall that massive sinkhole inside the national corvette you meet -- corvette museum last month. once all of those vehicles are out, they will repair the hole and then work on restoring the cars. would still take one of those. back to the weather s
warned russia not to intervene in ukraine. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> reporter: in crimea's capital, the pro-russian coup gathers pace. its new leader's announcing they now control ukraine's army, navy and air force here. any commander who disappears, says the new prime minister, should leave. just beyond crimea's borders and along the frontier with ukraine, russia continues one of its biggest military exercises since the fall of the soviet union. 150,000 men maneuvering as president putin is now, to show their strength to the world. the streets of crimea are calm. the vote here to decide who should rule has been brought forward to the end of the month. within weeks, crimea, always pro-russian, could be free of ukrainian rule for good. -- give in to what it calls russian provocation and that its troops are ready to hit back, if necessary. i mean, i don't think there is a strong chance of any kind of clash with russian troops, but lester, this place is a tinder b
stories we are following this hour. ukraine's interim president says russia has made a declaration of war. it comes after russia seizes key installations in the southern region of crimea and are building up troops tonne the border. >> secretary of state john kerry will travel to kiev to meet with officials. the g7 suspended talks over the summit in sochi in protest of russia's actions. >> a challenge to the iq standard to determine mental disability in the supreme court. having an iq higher than 70 means an inmate is not mentally disabled and may be executed. the supreme court prohibited the execution of mentally disabled in 2002, but left it to the states to determine mental stattius. >> the results are in. joshua letander, best supporting actor in dals. best sporling actress to franco lupoi, in "12 years a slave." best director quarn , in "gravity." blanch won best actress in blue where are, and jahi mcmath for best actor in dals. and best picture was "12 years a slave." >> those are the headlines. "talk to al jazeera" is coming up next. if you can. so i have a voice and i use it. >> hi
. it is not russia versus the united states, russia v. ecó÷)tw this is about the people of ukraine. the people of ukraine are the people who initiated what is happening there. their president lost all support, all legitimacy, he fled in the night, his own supporters deserted him, they went to their parliament and voted according to their parliamentary process. this is a democratic process that has placed this new government where it is and president putin and russia ought to respect that. >> schieffer: mr. secretary, when you come right down to it the president says there's a cost, there are certain diplomatic things you can do. you can boycott the g8 so onment but when you come right down to it, what can we really do here? i don't suppose anybody thinks we're going to declare war on russia here and send military forces in there. >> there are very serious repercussion that can flow out of this. there are broad away of options that are available. not just to the united states but to our allies. i spent yesterday afternoon on the phone with many of my counterparts, i talked to ten of the foreig
in ukraine. >> reporter: of course what the costs will be were not defined by the president and that was on purpose. an aide told me that the united states and i
the military buildup in the crimea peninsula. the u.s. secretary of state visits. bloomberg news learned that the ukraine will get $3 billion in financing as part of a new program. they will be meeting with the economy minister tomorrow. we said down with the minister. started by asking how the chaotic situation in ukraine had changed the country' needs. >> the state of the economy and the state of the budget is different. >> it will be the same. hopefully, the criteria will be different. they've said in the past they would like it raised by 30%. >> we need to look at that. >> do you think in that environment that is a little bit radical? >> cutting the budget that is another thing we would like to do. >> it is super flexible. >> it is. we need to create a little more certainty for the business. there are russian troops in the ukraine. what kind of additional train does that -- strain does that put on this? >> there is a level of uncertainty all around the country. the conditions are pretty nervous. thursday of last week you could thought you could do x. frankly, i do not think we need m
Search Results 900 to 923 of about 924